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The Cairn Of Old Kilgobbin

The Cairn Of Old Kilgobbin

Since 1996 Old Kilgobbin has been the home of the Bronner family and has been host to many family and friends over those years, all of whom have been captivated by this beautiful space , sandwiched between an enormous indigenous forest and the Dargle valley. Our initial plans for being here was to be part- time farmers, part- time friesian and angus breeders, full- time proper day jobs,  with a weekend dash of tourists staying in our lovely cottages or experiencing a session with the Horseplay friesians, until an unexpected tornado blew us onto a different path!

In a few words, the Cairn is all things vintage, rustic country, celebrating the outdoors alongside an antique interior with touches of luxury designed for communal comfort and great conversation. The Midlands is full of wedding venues, testimony that love and marriage still go together and that there is a place for it in our 21st century lifestyles, and so when deciding what kind of weddings the Cairn and I could offer, I decided to stick with what we are good at... being ourselves!  The Cairn and I are farm based, known to spend loads of time mucking about in the busy farmyard, have a soft spot for antiques ( or old things that my husband groans about whenever he sees me bringing home "another piece of rusted junk"), we love making  people feel at home, think the yummiest foods are simple and best eaten outside in the sun surrounded by close friends, and with a view that contains a horse or ten. We are seldom known to wear too much bling but do surprise the neighbours by dusting off the fancy rags every now and then and showing off our style!

Our tables are long rectangles of wood and wrought iron, seldom needing more than a dusting of lace or a precious antique vase to add to the occasion, our comfortable chairs are of wood slates and wrought iron ( tried and tested by burly farmers and given the stamp of approval). Our crockery is an assortment of family heirlooms, flea market vintage sales and many hours of searching auction websites, from Royal Albert to Hugenot ceramics and green and cream enamelware from the local Indian trading store.  Old oregan and yellowwood dressers serve as backdrops as well as housing all the linens, antique vases and collectibles that are yours to choose from for your decor. The Cairn can comfortably seat 110 people, can cope with another ten, but more than 120 becomes a tight squeeze reminiscent of last year's jeans, not what one wants to spend the afternoon in!

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